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Publishing process

Every book is different and so is our approach to publishing every unique book. We will add some color here, remove some blood there, and slip some more lipstick in elsewhere. What does not depend on variation is our publishing process characterized below.

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Our House will do the right justice to your text edition (interfering with the style of the text, but always on good terms with the Author) and correction (getting rid of all boo-boos and slip-ups nobody likes or enjoys). We will offer you the services of the best graphics designers on this side of the globe so that the graphic layout and typesetting of your e-book will be of the highest quality. At the end of the road we will encounter the technical correction to make your diamond shine upon all other books on their electronic shelves. Every month we expand our activity by new and new collaborations with the best Polish reviewers and e-book distributors. We also take care for promotion, individually planned with the Author.

Every book is different, every Author has different expectations and requirements and so our services are modified for each Author of ours. We scrutinize every detail and hammer it during the preparations of publishing deal – which for you it means – at the end of the very long and exhausting journey which once had started with a first letter, a first word, and a first period. We wish you to find the last stop of your voyage on the last page of our deal bearing your signature!

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