steve liebich

Steve Liebich

Steve was born in 1998, the same year Blue Öyster Cult released their 13th album Heaven Forbid; 10 years after their yet best in catalog Imaginos. What’s between Steve and BÖC then?

Steve loves Rock ‘n’ Roll more than Ron does his butterbeer, and Darwin does his turtles. Rock sets the rhythm of his life. In May of 2020, Steve graduated from Clarkson University (NY) one year ahead and with full scholarship becoming a molecular biologist. Clarkson University was the place where Buck Dharma (BÖC’s guitarist) and Albert Bouchard (BÖC’s drummer) met in 1965 just to found one of the best Hard Rock bands in history. The only difference between them and Steve is that the latter committed to the bitter decision of finishing his studies instead of dedicating himself to vodka, Ziggy, singing, and gifted sultanas.

Also, Buck Dharma never quit and he has been navigating that ship since 1967 with the same passion and dedication. Although one could probably find a better example of perseverance in Rock ‘n’ Roll music, let’s finish what we started and keep moving on with BÖC. Steve, like Dharma, is not planning on leaving what he holds so dear: the written word. He wrote his first book at the age of 12, but somebody was insane enough to publish another one when he was 17. He’s never quit, starting from the day of his first written page and his first publication. Although the publication part of this story is funky and unpredictable, exactly like BÖC’s new 19th studio album that is being released in 2020!

The history is as straight as most Steve’s girlfriends’ hair. Nobody wanted to publish his next books since his phenomenal Paralysis (2016). So what do you do when they close all the doors right before your face? Of course, you construct your own door. And so did he – Steve established the Internet Publishing House for the sake of his overly dusted manuscripts and new authors who will find their safe haven in the open and warm arms of the ever-laughing and ever-loving Incorrigible Romantic.