Our History

Steve’s Publishing House was born at the very moment when Steve had realized that nobody would take him seriously due to his young age. To put it other words, the Internet Publishing House is rooted in human stupidity.

Like any other idea, it must lie down for some time, get saturated, grow bigger, and finally sprout to produce fruits we all will consume. What is more, this idea will not produce a forbidden fruit. Our publishing house does not draw an age line, it does not matter how old you are; what does matter is how many heart lands your book will manage to conquer. We are open to every submission which will make us proud and which will be loved by our readers.

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The Internet Publishing House started at the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not a glorious beginning, but this depicts well the spirit of our mission: never surrender – even when you’re in the belly of the beast. You do not fight evil with evil or with neutrality – you fight it with goodness. We have decided to forge something good from something really evil. Every book published through our house will be marked by the hard times and it will bear witness of unbreakable determination – determination which can fight a pandemic and evil, and everything else. Our founder, Steve Liebich, fights with both a test tube and a word, but in the world of the Internet Publishing House the word matters at most. Because the word was in the beginning.
  • Mission
  • Passion

Our mission is simple and universal: never surrender. This mission is not supposed to relate only to the work ethic of our publishing house, but it ought to be carrying a massage to all authors, literature amateurs, and to every human being on this planet. Never surrender. Your book has been rejected seventeen times in a row? Wait for the 18th time which will make you one of the most famous authors in the world. People around you think that you’re missing talent? Are you sure they have any piece of it? Life seems to throw you rocks instead of roses? Just think of how much you will have to talk about when you finally find your way to the top. There is only one string attached: you must believe in what you’re doing. Do you?

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

~Pablo Picasso