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The Awakening is going to rattle your dreams

Janek’s life turns upside down upon the tragic death of his beloved wife. Another shot of pain hits him when several months later his daughter is taken to a psychiatric hospital. On top of that, the girl falls into a coma. Those events lead Janek to even more mysterious discoveries nobody could explain. In the meantime, his daughter Maria falls in between the cracks of her dark dream, and it is the darkness which influences the fates of hers and her father’s.

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  1. Intrygującą, lecz lekko przewidywalna nie pod kątem akcji, lecz jej zakończenia. Mimo wszystko bardzo dobrze mi się czytało:)

  2. cafeetlivre

    Książka godna polecenia. Naprawdę dobry debiut! Nie mogłam oderwać się od lektury 🙂

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