The Dark Moth ☆Deluxe☆


Our world is full of pain, suffering, and sorrows paving our fates of the everyday life. The world of Dark Moth is nothing different since it is a reflection of our own reality. Love, death, and collapsing system errors are the universal elements of the world of ours, so make some tea, find a comfortable chair, and become an observer of the gargantuan machine choked with dramatic events of Dark Moth. This machine is built of cogwheels we all know so well.

Most teenagers live their safe and defensive lives in peace, but not Peter Liebstick, a boy from Atlanta, Georgia, whose faith in the Love written with a capital letter “L” will push him to overdo his human limitations and make him question our mankind. In the name of Love Peter will travel across the United States to find answers for questions which should never be asked. Entangled in an intrigue bigger than his life, this boy will face evil and a terrifying truth.

Embrace yourself to cross over nine states and 2,600 miles of road stigmatized with only one symbol. A symbol which will ask for the highest price. Listen closely to the sound of the fluttering wings of the dark moth.


Author: Steve Liebich
Categories: Prose/Romantic Thriller/Sensation
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Internetowe (The Internet Publishing House)
Formats: epub, pdf
ISBN: 978-8395773228
Released: 2020-05-14
Number of Pages: 524

🔥Deluxe edition 🔥 includes:
🤞4 alternative covers in high definition
🤞 Unpublished poems
🤞Unique preface with the book’s “bloopers”🤫🤞
🤞Personal dedication with autograph 💌

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