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Is poetry dead? Is it as dead as the surrounding dead matter? TV, computer, smartphone, and pricy retail coffee – these are items, dead and soulless, but often they are more engaged in our lives than the people around us. In this case we should pray for poetry to be dead ASAP so it could become as popular as everything else that is dead. To celebrate that notion, Hipercrysy reveals new faces of Polish poetry collecting the early works of Steve Liebich compiled under one sad motif: deceit and lie. You will find them everywhere: at work, on a bus, in a pricy coffee retail shop, and in your own house. Every false step of human brings us closer to something much bigger – Hipercrysy documents that mankind voyage.


Author: Steve Liebich
CategoriesPoetry/Modern poetry
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Internetowe (The Internet Publishing House)
Formats: epub, pdf
ISBN: 978-8395773211
Released: 2020-05-14
Number of Pages: 43

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