One call taken at a Washington’s police station from a mysterious Doctor, promising to cure the body of the nation, will change the course of history.

William King, Arizona State University microbiology professor, lives his peaceful and moderately stable life until… Until he wakes up that one morning having no clue that he would be waging war on the future of the United States of America. Is there a room for two winners in the midst of the clash of two worlds, two visions, and two ideas? How much can one sacrifice in the name of the loved one? How thin the line between freedom and bestiality can become? Where does morality end and where does madness begin?


Author: Steve Liebich
Categories: Prose/Political thriller/Psychological thriller/Sensation
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Internetowe (The Internet Publishing House)
Formats: epub, pdf
ISBN: 978-8395773204
Released: 2020-05-14
Number of Pages: 385

Próbka książki


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