What we publish

Steve’s fond of looking for a good book, not a good genre. What does that mean for you? Focus on the book, not on its genre. For instance, what would you think, as a literary agent, if you have just received the original manuscript of Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita in one of your emails (let our imagination fly over the mountain) in which he’s saying that he has a great romantic story to offer? Could the Bulgakov’s masterpiece be compared to likes of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind? Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ, an extravagant Satan’s stay in the Soviet Moscow, a close encounter with a tram, rolling heads, talking cats, and finally an unsatisfying love between a psychiatric patient and a bored henchwoman of the devil – we are looking for SUCH books!

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Anything goes – write your own masterpiece and we will publish it so that you can taste what it’s like to be an author of a bestseller. We do not publish autobiographies, graphic books, children books, pars, journal texts, professional literature, poetry (unless it is REALLY good) and nothing that can be thrown to trash. Occasionally we accept some thematic books, especially the ones dedicated to philosophy, religion and some popular science books.

Before you send your manuscript to us, make sure you adhere to the following Six Rules of Steve:

The world inside your book should be brought down to its knees by the seventh page.

After that precise amount of time we should either fall in love with your book or hate it to the bone.

Let one thread lead us to a thousand more which will capture us and never let go.

Is white really black or maybe it is actually yellow?

A waiter showing up on the second page turns out to be a multibillionaire at the end of the story?

Astonishes, intimidates, eats one alive, breaks the spirit.